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Connect Youth was initiated as a result of a community focus group that involved youth, following the suicide of one of their peers in June 2001. Our goals are to Connect Youth with the appropriate services and programs, from a social development perspective, and to develop programs necessary in partnership with community agencies. These services and programs seek to help youth adjust through difficult periods in their lives, to enable them to reach their full potential and be productive adults in their communities.

Currently we are working hard to provide service to all young people who seek our help and to create awareness within the community, so that both the youth and those that care about them know that there is a place they can go, and people who can help them cope with their problems.

Main Program Goals:

  • To provide support, advocacy, and referrals to youth in or out of school, ages 12-25
  • To provide youth with basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, comfort, and connection
  • To provide youth with opportunities to develop and strengthen life skills during daily programming, activities/workshops, and community partnerships
  • To bridge the gap in services for youth through advocacy, community partnerships, and coordination of services
  • Promote and empower youth within their community

Mission Statement:

To assist, support, and refer young people in need. To advocate for youth in partnership with our community.



Provide one-on-one support for youth in crisis or in need of assistance.


Provide youth with information, referrals to community resources, and connection to?other youth and community activities.


Share information with the community regarding needs of youth and resources available to youth.


Assist youth in accessing community resources and to advocate for youth so that they receive appropriate assistance.


Educate and inform youth, parents, and the community about the needs of youth and the resources available to them.


Coordinate an annual youth fair and maintain a current services directory.


Bring youth with common needs together and assist in providing programming that meets those needs.


Secure on-going, sustainable funding for Connect Youth.