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Since April 2010, Connect Youth has been working towards addressing issues surrounding youth homelessness or youth at risk of homelessness across the South Grenville community. The following points outline activities currently underway:

  • Program

    Connect Youth is currently operating a single person, one bed Transitional Shelter Program for youth between the ages of 16 to 21.

  • Partners

    We partner with other community agencies to address the issue of homeless youth?or at-risk of homeless youth

  • Outreach

    Connect Youth has a Youth Outreach Worker offering support, referral and advocacy, as well as delivering basic life skills workshops in conjunction with community partners

  • Rural

    Currently, our Outreach Workers are offering Outreach Services on a needs basis throughout rural communities in South Grenville including, but not limited to: Cardinal, Spencerville, North Augusta, and Maynard

  • Transportation

    Our Outreach staff also accommodates transportation needs for youth across South Grenville to create greater accessibility to services

  • Care

    Connect Youth outreach office includes access to clothing, food, laundry and shower facilities, intervention, advocacy and life skills training

  • Prevention

    It is our goal to meet the basic needs of youth and therefore prevent or intervene in homelessness and youth crime